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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Times Union is seeking teachers to talk about discipline and grade recovery

The caveat is the teachers would have to be willing to go on the record.

I will get the ball rolling. I think Grade Recovery is terrible. Kids can miss days for any reason, act up in class, give no effort at all and then take a few assignments on the computer and walk out with a C. It robs students of all accountability and makes extra work for teachers. I have even been told that some guidance counselors tell kids to fail classes and then just make them up on grade recovery because it will be easier.

If a kid tries hard but just doesn’t get it or has a legitimate reason for missing class then they and they alone should be eligible for grade recovery, you know whom it was originally intended for.

As for discipline you know it’s not so much the big things but the little things, the disrespect we have to endure, the cursing, constant tardiness, kids always on the phone, the things that ten years ago would have gotten kids a day in ISSP or worse that don’t even rate today. Ninety-nine per cent of the time there is no reason to write a kid up because nothing meaningful will happen tot hem and what’s worse is they know nothing is going to happen to them. I have had kids tell me I was the one who was going to get in trouble and you know what? A few times they were right.

Check that, make what is worse is how good kids slip into bad behavior when they see other kids get no consequences for their actions, that has to be the worse thing. The inmates are running the asylum.

Those are my brief thoughts on the topics.

About Grade Recovery contact Topher Sanders at:
About discipline contact Teresa Stepzinsky at:

I know it is scary to speak up but if people know how things really are it is my hope they will want them changed.

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  1. I agree. The GR policy is ridiculous. It's a shame they won't let us speak up anonymously.