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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Florida Legislature makes me throw up in my mouth: a charter school conflict of interest

Florida House speaker designate Will Weatherford and Anne Corcoran, the wife of future speaker-select Rep. Richard Corcoran are trying to open a charter school in Pasco County. Eric Fresen’s sister and brother-in-law operate a string of charter schools in south Florida and he voted on measure after measure expanding charter schools

In fact all three of these legislators, presumably with the support of their family members who stand to profit off of charter schools spent the last legislative session raking public schools over the coals and easing the rules for creating and expanding charter schools.

Um, err, what the $%@#!

The legislature doesn’t care about our children, all they care about putting money in their and their family members pockets. This should make us all sick.

Good job Florida


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