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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Importance of Teacher's Unions in Florida

Teachers Unions

Teachers unions in Florida have gotten a bad rap recently. They have been accused of everything from protecting bad teachers to standing in the way of reform and nothing could be further from the truth. All they have done is insist teachers get due process and tried to make sure education reform was data driven. Charter schools, virtual schools and merit pay the darlings of the conservative reform movement have either been proven not to work or proven not to work any better and they take much needed resources away from cash starved public schools.

Regardless if you like teachers unions or not you must recognize their significance and importance. They are the last line of defense in Florida fighting to prevent our governor and legislature from privatizing public schools, This would put control of our children’s education in the hands of for profit corporations that are more concerned with the bottom line rather than what is best for our children. The legislatures latest proposals gives charter schools 15 year contracts (teachers will only have one year contracts) eliminates local school board over site and allows them to be managed from anywhere, states or even countries away. Teachers unions think it’s best when locals decided their education policies and what is best for their children.

The plan is to privatize public education will effectively destroying it and once it’s gone it will be gone and there will be no coming back to the time when local districts decided what was best for their children. That will be lost forever.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher


  1. Charter schools are not an example of "privatizing education." They are independent public entities that do not generate profit and offer free schooling; they simply are not run by the existing school district.

  2. You are mistaken, when they are run by for profit companies they are an example of privitization. Charter schools are supposed to be engines of change and inovation not money makers for hedge fund managers and real estate tycoons.

    They may be different in your neck of the woods but here in Florida most are about the bottom line.

  3. What utter nonsense...teachers and teachers' unions care about themselves first and is their singular motivation, not "the children." So as step one, let's eliminate tenure...let's do it for the children...teachers, like any other employees, should be accountable for their performance.

  4. What do you do for free? Look your levele of ignorance is beyond saving, please do not return...

  5. You must not realize that American Children are mostly dummies because of the failing public school
    Ajenda that do not raise the bar in teaching if a child has a problem they just leave them in a classroom that dosent help them learn in a diffrent way. The public school system is broken. Get Charters schools
    In that care . Not fat cat teachers unions!!!