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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So what Bill Gates never graduated college

Bill Gates never graduated college. Neither did John Glenn or Steve Jobs. See there is three people that didn’t finished school and went on to do great things. You know what, I bet if we thought really hard we might be able to come up with a dozen, maybe even two dozen more and all it does is prove how important a good education is.

We don’t hear about the millions who didn’t graduate college and never made it and the reason is they never made it but hey as long as we can point to a handful that did then all is good right?

I am not saying a college education is the end all be all, though people who graduate college make on average about a million more than those who don’t and the current unemployment rate for those with a degree is less than five percent but to dismiss it or say hey look a few people did well without one is at best short sighted.

I personally think schools should teach, the trades and skills and the arts as much as anything. Some people aren’t ready for college after they graduate high school but schools should still give them an opportunity to be successful.

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