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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who remembers these whoppers told by the right about teachers? (rough draft)

The right’s latest distracter du jour is class warfare, how we need to leave the rich alone so they can produce jobs. Well friends I find this ironic considering the smear campaign they launched against teachers.

Who remembers these whoppers told by the right about teachers?

Teachers have jobs for life. No teachers had due process, which they only got after three years of service. If there is a bad teacher out there, it’s the job of the administration to get rid of them and to do so all they have to do is follow the procedures in place.

Teachers come from the bottom third of college graduates. Just because A 2004 study by a right leaning group says so, it doesn’t make it so. By the way only about a third of all citizens have to have college degrees and all teachers have to have college degrees.

Teachers get Cadillac benefits. Bigger groups get better deals on benefits and that is just how the industry works. Teachers tend to travel in pretty big groups. Furthermore over the last few years my benefits have gotten both worse and more expensive.

Teacher’s unions’ protect bad teachers. Why would they? No they protect a teacher’s right to due process and that is all.

Teacher’s unions allow great first year teachers to be fired while letting older teachers to keep their jobs. First if a great first year teacher is fired that is tragic but people have to know teachers unions don’t create budgets. Furthermore many shops have last hired, first fired policies union and non-union alike and no experienced teacher thinks, hey I was a lot better when I was a first year teacher. Finally, it turns out experience does matter.

Experienced in education doesn't matter. See above

Teachers with advanced degrees don't deserve any more money. In all of society we stress how important education is and rightfully so, except if the right is to be believed, in the field of education. Wow.

Teachers are against innovation and reform. Teachers are in the classroom they know what works and what doesn’t and sadly they are the ones consulted last about education issues. Teachers want reform and innovation that works not what the powers-that-be are trying pass off as reform and innovation.

How can they give millionaires and billionaires a pass yet at the same time attack the middle class but more importantly how do some people support them when they do so?


  1. I was a part-time adult education instructor, and had NEA Union thugs totally disrupt my class. The Union had recently solicited me for membership which I refused.

    Unionism is 'THUGGERY', or as the US is beginning to understand, is is "Chicago Style Politics".

  2. Give me some detailes. When and where was this, what was their beef and how do you know who they were. Thanks