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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A few things you should know about Florida education commissioner Gerald Robinson.

In responce to his letter in the TU today

First he is better than every educator in Florida, he must be because Rick Scott went to Virginia to hire him.

He is the smartest guy in the world. He must be, he has been here since June and he has education in Florida completely figured out.

He loves charter schools; he is part of the part of the state government, which sent them 55 million dollars for construction, zero went to public schools in case you were wondering.

Of course Charter Schools in Virginia are different, there for the most part they are non profit entities concerned with improving student performance, here many are politically connected for profit monstrosities concerned with filling the pockets of their owners with public money.

We don’t need higher standards, we need rigorous standards, we don’t need algebra II we need a legitimate algebra I class. Many of our kids don’t meet the standards we have now, how is raising them going to help?

1 comment:

  1. He served on the board or chaired a Black Alliance group that favors private vouchers as a "civil rights issue." Nevermind that they resegregate our children and produce substandard results, according to studies. He's a hired gun for choice-anc-competition, vouchers and charters, which in turn is a captive market for numerous curriculum, software, online course, remediation, testing and other products now in development by the real movers and shakers behind the choice-and-competition movement: Pearson, Gates, WalMart, etc. Voucher CEO Doug Tuthill has bragged about co-opting black democrats in the FL legislature with millions in campaign cash so they'll vote yes on vouchers and expansion. Nevermind that they don't work for children.