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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

John Thrasher is no friend of Florida

I have long thought John Thrasher was no friend of education but it turns out he has been no friend of Florida either. His friends you ask, my guess is anybody who can add to his bank account.

Here are some of his headlines in the Times Union over the last year

11/25/11, Thrasher pushes bill to benefit Jacksonville company, client of his former lobbying firm (at the very least the appearance of inpropriety)

11/9/11, John Thrasher backs away from secret agreement with indicted former GOP state leader (secret agreements??)

6/19/11, John Thrasher's residence in district, but real home might not be (He doesn’t live in the district he represents)

6/27/11, Thrasher's charter school expansion bill becomes law (charter schools do worse than regular schools but they also give campaign donations to politicians)

5/3/11, Thrasher uses 9/11 to defend immigration amendment (using 911 to fan flames)

4/15/11, John Thrasher alters controversial union dues bill (a bill just designed to hurt unions)

3/22/11, Politifact gives John Thrasher a 'barely true' on union dues argument (isn’t barely true mostly false)

3/11/11, John Thrasher, Patrick Rooney withdraw golf course legislation (golf courses on public parks??)

2/24/11, Thrasher's action on education bill angers opponents (he cuts off debates before supporters of education had a chance to speak)

2/10/11, John Thrasher has heated exchange during prison hearing (privatizing prisons was his objective)

12/3/10, Times/Herald: Thrasher downplaying subpoena to top GOP officials (he just wants the whole thing to go away)

4/19/10, John Thrasher wields much power for freshman Florida state senator (why??)

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