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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The difference between public education and business

The number one goal of education is to provide a service, an education. The number one goal of business is to make money, a profit. There may be overlapping similarities, budgets employees, capital costs, etc. but don’t forget at the end of the day they are very different.

Who do you want in charge of your children’s education?

Public education has issues, many of which were created by those now seeking to privatize public education, but the answer is to fix those problems not to outsource our children’s education to corporations whose top priority is not education but the bottom line.


  1. Really? Failure is the bottom line for our public schools. In reality, the best performing schools would be the most desirable choice for parents. If You the parent could choose among 10 schools to send your child to, Which one would you choose? I doubt the one with the worst results. Right now you have no choice but to accept the failing school in your district. Do some research on why other countries are spending far less and having far better results.

  2. Our public schools aren't failing. I would take the top hundred kids at any public school and put them against any private school.

    The real problem is our public schools aren't reaching their potential because they are handcuffed by an establishment that wants to make a buck off them.

    As for school choice, no kid has to stay at a school with a grade of a D or an F, the district will pay to send them to a higher graded school. Thousands of kids have used these opportunity scholarships.

    The solution is to fix our issues not outsource our kids educations to corporations that often care about the bottom line more than our kids.