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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ashley Smith-Juarez (candidate district 3) runs fast and loose with the truth

Her mentor Gary Chartrand recently mentioned honesty when attempting to defend the indefensible, race based benchmarks, and it made me think about the times his protégé has been less than honest.

Last spring she said she worked at an independent school and I can only assume she said this because she didn’t want people to know she spent 5 years at the Bolles schools. Maybe technically she was being accurate but I think we can all agree she was less than honest with the people of Jacksonville who have all heard of the Bolles School.

She doubled down on her fool the people of Jacksonville strategy when she presented herself as a businesswoman on a channel 4 interview and completely neglected to mention that she was the executive director of the Chartrand Foundation, founded by arguably the state’s most influential education leader.

You add some subterfuge on the Chartrand Foundation web-site, she is the executive director and we paint a pretty clear picture that candor is not her strong suit.

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