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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who gets paid more? The superintendent or the principal of a charter school?

I will just get to it. The principal of the failed North Star charter school in Orange County was making 305,000 dollars a year. The enrollment was a meager 180 students. Our super both past and present is making 275,000. To give you some scale our principals at our big high schools, Mandarin has an enrollment of over 2,000, make about 108 thousand dollars.

Charter schools get money from the public but then they have no oversight as to what they have to do with it. They can spend the money on whatever they want including extravagant principal salaries. Furthermore because there is no oversight there is no way to tell how many charter schools are doing so.

It gets worse. Despite the fact there are some great charter schools, they disproportionately make up the states failing schools. If you went to a charter last year you were 759% more likely to be attending a failing school than if you went to a public school.

Why do we have them again? Why are we rushing to get more? And who is benefitting because it is certainly not our children.


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