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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Florida's charter school legislation funded by outside interests.

The parent trigger legislation (a bill to turn struggling public schools into charter schools) here in Florida was funded by Parent Revolution a front group for the Broad Billionaires. Billionaires seem really interested in our public schools, as they have also funded charter school initiatives in Georgia, Washington and around the country as well. These eduphilanthropists think that just because they have wealth they should be able to run our schools and their step one is to break our public schools apart and step two is to create dumbed down cookie cutter schools they wouldn’t send their children too (KIPP anyone).

The solution is to fix our problems, not to let billionaires dismantle our schools. 

1 comment:

  1. Parent Revolution is showing a free screening of the movie Won't Back Down, Monday at 5:30. It will be at AMC 24 Regency. We need people to show up in protest. No parent group has asked for the Parent Trigger Bill yet Jeb Bush is determined to impose his will on local districts.