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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gary Chartrand, local businessman and chair of the BOE doesn’t want to have an honest conversation about education

The governor recently threw his own appointee Gary Chartrand and the state board of education under the bus when he said race based benchmarks were wrong for the state and if the governor, who has been no friend of education gets that, we have to wonder how far Chartrand and the rest of the board have sunk.

Chartrand who is routinely on the wrong side of evidence and facts said, “We can only close the achievement gap in Florida if we are willing to have an honest conversation about what it will take to get all students to that level of success,”

The problem is he doesn’t want to have an honest conversation about education, something he unfortunately has in common with most of our elected officials because if they did they wouldn’t be ignoring poverty.

Poverty is the number one measure for success in school. The bottom-line is kids in it don’t do as well as those that aren’t. Chartrand, the board and even the governor despite his momentary epiphany about race based standards can’t continue to ignore poverty if we want to turn our education system around. Unfortunately they understanding that would require an honest conversation about education.

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