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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Florida brings back Jim Crow to the School system

From the Daily Kos, by PhantomLib

Our Governor who purchased his way into his position has now decided to outdo Romney for lies and misrepresentations and to bring Jim Crow back into the Florida School system.
First he decreased school funding, after swearing he wouldn't do that:
Scott's proposed budget for next year includes billions of dollars in education cuts. (The actual cut depends on what education budget figure you consult, but the cut would be between $3.3 billion and $4.8 billion, with per-student funding to decrease by 10 percent.) Some of that loss is offset by having teachers contribute 5 percent to their retirement and by the inclusion of temporary federal education dollars. Still, per-student funding would shrink if Scott's budget is ultimately approved.
"I've heard nothing but that education funding wasn't going to be touched," said Florida Education Association spokesman Mark Pudlow. "We all were wondering what kind of alchemy we were going to see. Of course, what we saw was tons of cuts to education."
NOW, he is imposing old stereotypical racist criteria to the already horrible "teaching to the test" schools:
Florida is setting different goals for reading improvements among its students -- based on race and ethnicity. By 2018, 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanic students, and 74 percent of black students are to be reading on grade level.
The new targets approved by the State Board of Education on Tuesday set loftier benchmarks for Asian and white youngsters and lower ones for black and Hispanic children.

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