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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bob Schieffer admits, we don’t really love teachers

Actions speak louder than words, so Bob, exactly where is the love for teachers?

At the end of the last presidential debate Bob Schieffer said in response to mitt Romney’s diatribe about loving teachers, we all love teachers. But do we?

Obama and Romney’s education plans are very similar. They both insist of blaming the teacher for problems that society and the family have created, evaluating teachers based on high stakes testing that experts have said don’t measure effectiveness and turning teaching from a profession to a service industry job through the promotion of charter schools and organizations like Teach for America. Strangely that doesn’t sound like loving teachers to me.

Obama differentiates slightly because he believes in smaller class sizes, the one reform that has evidence that supports it and wants to hire a hundred thousand more teachers. Romney on the other hand thinks larger classes are just fine and doesn’t think we need any more teachers.

They have one more difference too. Romney revels in bashing teachers unions (made up by teachers by the way) while Obama is just content to ignore them.

But where is the love?

The leaders on the right take every opportunity to knock teachers and their huge salaries, Cadillac benefits and lavish pensions while blaming them for the problems in the classroom. While the leaders on the left, oh wait more and more they have been doing the same as they try to balance their ledger sheets on the backs of teachers. I guess that’s fitting seeing how teachers created the financial crisis. Oh what you say? They didn’t? Well that fact is lost on current leadership.

And again where is the love?

So Mr. Shieffer, President Obama and Governor Romeny you keep going on saying you love teachers but we know the truth. Love is the last thing you have for us. That liquid running down our leg is not water even if you say it is.

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