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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jason Fischer, candidate district 7, fails the smell test

A mailer has gone out in District 7 from Fischer supporters that is less than accurate about his opponent John Heymann.

Mr. Fischer said he trashed the mailer, which would seem to indicate he didn’t believe it was being truthful but he also said (from the Times Union), As far as the validity of the mailer’s statements, Fischer said he doesn’t know Heymann’s full background enough to agree with everything the mailer asserts. But because it was mailed to voters, he said, “I would assume that at least some of it is probably accurate.”

By that logic I could send out the following mailer.

Mr. Fischer believes in larger class sizes.

He doesn’t think teachers are professionals nor does their education matter.

He is in favor of high stakes testing.

He told people he was a navy engineer when he never was one.

He ran for the soil and water board, which begs the question, what’s more important to him our children or our soil and water.

He ignore facts and evidence and supports programs that his gut and his donors tell him too (vouchers).

Jason Fischer beats his wife

If I got a mailer, which said above, I could say with certainty, but because it was mailed to voters, I would assume that at least some of it is probably accurate.”

The difference between my mailer and the one sent out to discredit John Heymann is my mailer would be completely accurate except for the last line and then only Fischer and his wife know about that.


  1. How can you publish this blog post and still look at yourself in the mirror? There is no excuse.

  2. Instead of attacking me, maybe you should take a moment and point out what I got wrong, if you can...