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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jason Fischer's qualifications questioned

I received this comment on another post and it mirrors exactly what i have been saying. -cpg

I knew Jason Fischer back in college as he was in the engineering department with my husband. While I can speak for his good character, what strikes me the most is he has absolutely no background in education. He has never been a teacher, has never been employed by any school for any position, and yet he wants to win a seat on our school board and make decisions for our schools, students, and teachers. Am I the only one who sees a serious problem with this? He is against tenure for teachers and wants to see performance pay. That is comical seeing the current salary of teachers (my teacher paycheck included) and knowing the amount engineers make. He wants to hold only teachers accountable for the results of one standardized test result, and not bring into account the role of the students and/or their parents. I have worked in an inner city school for several years and it takes more than ONLY the teacher to help a student become successful. So why hold only the teacher responsible if that student does not meet his/her potential? I am truly saddened, not angry, to see someone that has NO background at all in education making such bold statements about what he would do to change it. Instead of running for a high profile political position, come to a school and spend a few years in the classroom with us. Then come back and tell me about your plans for education reform. 

I can't break it down any more succinctly. Him being on the board would be bad for our schools. 

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