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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The state board of education shows where its allegiances lie, hint it’s not with public schools

Among the many questionable measures being laid out by the board (basing benchmarks on race and a call for a computer for every child in every school), they also have called for giving charter schools more flexibility in personnel decisions, an increase in the transfer of unused school district facilities to charters and 64 million for charter capital expenses. Well why not just give them the kitchen sink too?

Study after study says charter schools don’t do any better than public schools and this despite not being burdened with many of the onerous regulations and with often cherry picking the best students with involved parents. Despite these advantages as well as basically picking who they take and keep, and having fewer ESOL and ESE students they don’t do any better than public schools and that should tell you a lot. No that should tell you all you need to know. Friends I guarantee you if every public school could just summarily kick out their worst behaving and worst performing 15 percent of kids, every school grade would catapult dramatically.

I bet the flexibility, will have to do with not having to have certified teachers. TFA recruits are already staffing more and more charter schools.

Should we be giving public buildings to private enterprises? What happens if and when we need them? Will they give them back?

And why are we giving 64 million dollars to private companies when we’re cutting art teachers, electives and class sizes are expanding?

Follow the money and ask yourself why the legislature is so determined to expand charter schools.

The B.O.E. has given up all pretenses of being on the side of public education, instead preferring entities wishing to make a buck off the public and our children and sadly the B.O.E. is all to eager to serve corporate masters rather than the best interest of our students.

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