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Friday, October 12, 2012

Gary Chartrand should go back to the grocery store

Gary Chartrand should go back to the grocery store

Chartrand went from top 50 in grocery store news to running our schools as chairman of the state board of education. Mr. Chartrand hasn’t met a fact he likes about education preferring to go with his gut and now his gut has steered him to making education benchmarks based on race. He thinks the bottom line is black kids don’t do as well as other kids. But where that is true overall it has nothing do with their ability or lack thereof and it has everything to do with their neighborhoods.

Chartrand has never been a teacher nor worked in a school and sadly his ignorance is now showing. Teachers don’t set expectations by race but for some reason he feels that’s okay and what we should do.

Like he ignores the evidence showing standardized tests, merit pay, charter schools and vouchers haven’t or won’t improve education, he ignores poverty. Funny that’s what super rich people tend to do.

Question number one instantly becomes is this enough evidence that those in charge of our education have no clue as to what they are doing? Question two is and shouldn’t this put into question all their recent decisions, re: charter schools, vouchers, standardized tests and merit pay? 

And if not why?

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  1. 1. If it's enough depends upon who's scrutinizing the results.

    2. From the privatization perspective, the only issue is the bottom-line profit margin.

    3. See #2.

    Check out this