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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Does Ashley Smith Juarez, candidate district 3, believe in race based goals?

The PTA just asked the state board of education to do away with their plans to set academic benchmarks based on race. They said: "Florida PTA believes all students, regardless of race, geography or gender should be expected to attain the same educational goals… given the proper tools, we believe every child can learn and be successful. By setting ethnicity-based goals, the door is open for continued discrimination."

Gary Chartrand is the chair of the state board of education and undoubtedly the driver behind this shift to race based goals. Mr. Chartrand is also Ashley Smith Juarez’s employer and mentor. It’s not unreasonable to think that he bounced this idea off of her.

Mrs. Smith-Juarez because of her close times to Chartand should be willing to say whether she supports race based goals as her mentor does or not.

Who do you think is right, Chartrand who went from top 50 in grocery store news or the parents and teachers of our children?

Mrs. Smith Juarez we are waiting for your answer.

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