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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Andy Gardiner Florida’s worst legislator ever.

Good job Orlando sending this guy to the Florida senate what a cartoon rodent wasn't available? Listen to his rhetoric about the Florida Education Association filing suit against senate bill 850.

Sen. Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando and who is in line to become the next Senate president, not only criticized the lawsuit in a statement but pledged to do even more once he assumes power later this year. “We will empower parents and children with unique abilities as long as I am in the process,” said Gardiner, who has a child with Down syndrome. “The teacher’s union may have given up on these children, but I have not.”

The Union has given up on these children??? What?!? It is unbelievable what comes out of these people’s mouths. Hey Gardiner how about adequately funding education? How about making decisions based on evidence and facts not what profits your campaign contributors and how about putting an end to standardized tests something millions of parents and teachers have begged for.

How dare this guy blast the union when he is part of an establishment that has tried its hardest to kneecap public education, privatize our schools and ignored the needs of millions and millions of children. 

Sir you are a big part of the problem. 

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