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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The choice is between public schools and people who would profit off their demise.

I get really tired of the old "schools choose adults over kids" talking point as if the fates of teachers and students aren't completely tied together but it is even more maddening when charter school supporters use it.

For every charter school success Richard Whitmire points to in USAToday I can name twenty instances where charter schools have been forced to close or under investigation.  Recently there have been scathing exposes about the industries in Ohio, Michigan and Florida alike. Over 260 have opened, closed and left families and communities in a lurch in Florida alone. Fraud and abuse because of light oversight is rampant and Whitmire calls for expansion just because a few do it right, expansion that by the way that I have no doubt would benefit him and his bank account.

There is a real choice to be made but it is between public schools or those people that seek to profit off their demise.

To read Whitmire's piece click the link

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