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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things that made me go hhmmm at the school board forum.

Samuel Hall district 2: The JPEF sets the priorities for the school system. Um they may think they do and they may after the next election but right now they don’t, that’s still the school board. ahh who am I kidding.

Darryl Willie district 4: Preparation, preparation, preparation. He must have mentioned preparation a half dozen times if not more. Ironic because the organization he works for Teach for America takes non education types puts them through a five week access course and then plops them down in the cities neediest classrooms. Um isn’t that the opposite of preparation?

Wright district 4: Some schools are mandated to have an extra hour of reading instruction and there was nothing the district could do. Yes some are but the district chose to add eleven schools to the list. When Shannon Russell (D2) pointed that out, Mrs. Wright corrected herself and let the audience know that at the eleven additional schools there would be an opt out option for families. Good to know. 

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