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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DCPS says TFA gets no favors.

After an appearance on first Coast Connect where superintendent Vitti said Teach for America is the same as regular teachers (they are not) a reader posed a few questions that I forwarded to the District. They responded with incredible speed but to be honest their answers created even more questions such as right now since we are under a hiring freeze is TFA on hold and how are TFA members ever hired if they go through the normal hiring process. Here are the questions and answers.

1.       There was a heavy surplus of teachers this Spring. Were TFA teachers protected from surplus or, as some of the most inexperienced teachers, were they surplused according to seniority like everyone else?  TFA teachers are district teachers and are governed by the CBA like all other teachers.  This includes surplus and RIF criteria.  There are no special rules for TFA teachers regarding surplus. 
2.       If TFA teachers are in the surplus pool, will they be placed first? Or will DCPS proceed strictly according to seniority? See # 1 above.
3.       If a RIF (reduction in force) takes place, are TFA teachers subject to RIF? Or will teachers with more seniority be RIFFed to preserve a place for them? See # 1 above. We do not anticipate a RIF at this time.
4.       DCPS has entered into a contract to increase the number of TFA teachers it will accept a minimum of 100 teachers for the next three years.  If DCPS does not have 100 positions available, will DCPS tell TFA sorry, we can’t take them, or will it RIF existing teachers to make room?  DCPS will not hire new hire candidates, including TFA, until surplus candidates are placed.
5.       Even if DCPS doesn’t RIF existing teachers, will TFA applicants be hired before applicants with a four-year degree from an accredited teaching college? No.  TFA candidates are new hire candidates and are interviewed for selection by principals with other college of education and alternative certification applications.

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  1. Yeah...okay. Is anyone else really believing the response from DCPS?