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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Jacksonville Public Education Funds undeniable conflict of interest.

The JPEF has partnered with numerous non-profits and organizations to bring awareness about the upcoming school board races.

The School Board 2014 Coalition is a group of nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations. It is led by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and includes:
§                 100 Black Men of Jacksonville
§                 Beaches Watch
§                 Duval County Council of PTAs
§                 Jacksonville Kids Coalition
§                 Jacksonville Urban League
§                 JCCI
§                 Junior League of Jacksonville
§                 League of Women Voters of Jacksonville First Coast
§                 NAACP Jacksonville Branch
§                 National Panhellenic Council
§                 Northside Love
§                 Teen Leaders of America
§                 The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida
§                 United Way of Northeast Florida
§                 War on Poverty – Florida
§                 WJCT
All of these organizations have pledged not to support or endorse any candidate. Our goal is to educate the community about their choices and promote increased participation in school board elections.

Sounds great until we realize the board of the JPEF has picked out candidates they have both endorsed and supported.

Daryl Willie
Cindy Edelman and her husband 2,000 dollars.
John Baker, 1,000 dollars
Gary Chardrand, his wife Nancy and daughter Meredith, 2,500 dollars
Poppy Clements and her husband 2,000 dollars
Cleve Warren, 255 dollars
Deloris Weaver's husband and son, 1,500 dollars

Scott Shine
The Clements 500
The Weavers 1000
Baker 500
The Chartrands 500
The Edelmans 1000 
They just got on the Shine band wagon, more money is bound to come

Becky Couch (who doesn't even have an opponent) 
The Clements, 2000
The Weavers, 3000
Baker. 1000
The Chartrands 1500
The Edelmans 1000

Um what am I missing here? The JPEF should immediately recuse themselves from any forums; at the very least the appearance of impropriety is great. 

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