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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Charter Schools USA shares an Office with non-profit Renaissance Charter schools

They insist they go out of their way to separate the finances: 

"Edward Pozzuoli, the attorney for Charter Schools USA, says there is “no direct or indirect connection at all” between the boards and the company. The relationship between Renaissance and Charter Schools USA has been “fully vetted” by tax lawyers, Pozzuoli says. The shared mailing address is a 'small office for mail purposes.'"

Holy appearance of impropriety Bat Man!

Since Renaissance only contracts with CUSA the relationship probably isn't as distant as the lawyer claims, what nobody goes to lunch with each other, I mean they are sharing an office for goodness sakes. The thing is everybody knows about their relationship. Everybody knows Renaissance goes out and gets the charters and then hires CUSA to manage them, so why the threats to sue if I mention it? 

Maybe it is because where their practices are legal, to ordinary folk they seem sketchy and them threatening to sue every time it comes up doesn't help their case either.

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