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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why are a bunch of rich white people trying to get rid of Paula Wright?

I could have written, why are a bunch of rich white people who don’t live in district four trying to get rid of Paula Wright but that would have been a heck of a title.

If you look at Paula Wright and Becki Couch’s voting record I bet they are identical except for their vote for superintendent. Couch wanted Vitti and Wright wanted Kriner Cash out of Memphis, but other than that I can’t recall when they have disagreed.

Furthermore these are the only two school board members that I can see that are asking really tough questions about the budget, Teach for America, charter schools and other matters. Okay Lee throws one or two out too occasionally as well but for pulling agenda items for discussion it is generally Couch and Wright. It’s not like Wright is pulling them and Couch is sitting back rolling her eyes or they spar taking opposite sides.  

I can see them backing Shine at the beach, this group doesn’t like teachers, and Shine seems like a younger less gray version of Lee who also endorsed him, but heck both Couch and Wright were both teachers.

So why have the same people who donated to Wright’s opponent Darryl Willie also given thousand and thousands to Couch’s campaign too and friends she didn’t even have an opponent. Seem like quite the grudge to hold against Wright for not voting for their anointed one.

At the young democrat school board forum, I thought Mrs. Wright did the best job; she was knowledgeable and had evidence to back up what she was saying, unfortunately even though he spoke in generalities, her opponent Willie did the next best job, preferring style over substance he has lots of money and powerful friends backing him up. 

I suspect its because they want to create a block of four school board members they can count on to back their pro-privatization agenda, you see these people also donated to Ashley Smith-Juarez's campaign in 2012. If they had a black of four members there wouldn't be anything they couldn't do. 

But I want to know why, I want them to say it. I want to know why have these rich white families, families that don’t live in district 4 targeted Wright for replacement? I would also like to know if district four is going to stand for it.

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