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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vitti should really just stop talking.

I am beginning to think it might be pathological.

This is what he said about the administrative transfers from the QEA schools that have led to the surpluss list being bigger than ever.

“Now, is the time to try to create a group of individuals who are deeply committed--and with either high level potential talent or proven talent--to work in these schools as we face these new (Florida) standards,” Vitti said.

A few questions come to mind. The teachers there weren't deeply committed? They all just sucked? And now we're sending them to better performing schools? Won't that hurt those schools and kids?

The truth is those teachers don't suck. They were put in impossible positions and often denied proper support and in many instances leadership. Despite that they performed admirably and I shudder to think where their kids would be with out them.

I also weep for the teachers going in because if they don't get academic and behavioral support they will be out the door in a few years replaced by the next group of high flyers. 

In the meantime Vitti should tone it down a bit or at least think before he speaks. 


  1. This is going to be a re-run of last year's school openings, with triple digit classes in auditoriums. Vitti has once again not staffed schools with enough teachers to open in the fall. Just look at the surplus list

  2. Well, if he is going to continue with 8 periods, instead of the 7 from 2 years ago, he will need teachers, especially for the electives. I taught a core class last year and I had over the average of 25 students; most teachers did. All he has to do is get rid of all of the waste downtown, and we will have plenty of money for the necessities.