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Monday, July 7, 2014

Charter Schools USA CEO makes ten million dollars a year... or does he! (rough draft)

Or does he?

I wrote a piece last week where I surmised he makes 3.6 million dollars or more. I came about this after reading a piece about how some NYC charter school operators take home 70 dollars per students. I then multiplied 70 times the amount of students in CUSA schools.

The truth is how much he makes is a guarded secret akin to Jiff peanut butter or Bush’s baked beans secret formulas. I asked the lawyers of CUSA who objected to what I wrote how much he made promising to fix it if I was wrong and was told it was none of my business.

But isn’t it my business and your business and everyone’s business? Since CUSA is paid by the public to operate charter schools shouldn’t we know how much the CEO, the other executives and their lawyers are paid? Am I being unreasonable here?

Also what’s the big deal, are they ashamed about how much they make are they doing something illegal? If not then why not put it out there. 

I don’t know how much he makes but what I do know is he lives in a 1.8 million dollar house and he sends his children to an exclusive and expensive private school and that he owns or owned an expensive yacht.

I also know that my superintendent who is in charge of nearly two and a half times schools and students, makes 275k, lives in a 250 thousand dollar house and sends his kids to public school. I know because he is required to fill out a financial affidavit and I looked it up. Why doesn’t the CEO of CUSA who also makes his money off the public have to do the same?


  1. And the obsession continues. I love how you attempt to post opinion and speculation as fact.

  2. I will bite, what did I get wrong here?

  3. Well the headline for one. And the point I am making is that you don't really have any facts in this article. You are just guessing in an attempt to smear someone's name. I use the term obsession because you constantly write about this company and its CEO and get very defensive when someone questions you.

  4. The headline for one, well what about two or three? As for the headline/title I explain in the post that I don't know how much he makes and when I asked was told it was none of my business. If they are going to keep it secret they force me to speculate.

    As for being obsessed there have been 6000 posts on the blog and about 25 or so have been about CUSA, I go where the news takes me though them threatening to take me to court and keeping things secret does pique my curiosity and interest, why don't you care? Finally one of us certainly does seem obsessed but it is certainly not me.

  5. Oh and if we are giving him public money, tax payer money I believe we have a right to know where it is going. Strangely you just don't seem to care.