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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is the Times Union so in love with Ed Pratt Dannals they would make up stats?

Is the Times Union so in love with Ed Pratt Dannals they would make up stats?

In today’s editorial about the super leaving, the author wrote: Graduation rates are up by 19 percent. And this is not smoke and mirrors. This represents high school diplomas being earned with some of the most demanding requirements in the state.

The author is right it is not smoke and mirrors it’s an outright lie to say our graduation rate has improved by 19 points, furthermore every county has gone to higher standards, though yes Duval was first.

To get the 19% increase in the graduation rate the author took the lowest point of the federal government figure, a much tougher standard and then subtracted it from Florida's NGA measurement a much more liberal measurement that cuts out large swaths of the student body. If that is what they did you would get roughly 19%. Either that or they just made the figure up.

I get it that editorials are just opinions, but the Times Union shouldn’t let its editors just make stuff up. That does a grave disservice to our community.



  1. "Either that or they just made the figure up."

    Not so. I explained this to you last week. Why is it so hard for you to say "oops, I didn't know what I was talking about. I stand corrected."

  2. Grim reaper or whatever your monkier is, start a blog, call it education matters gets everything wrong, or I love DCPS and think they are doing a great job or I heart the TU. The Times Unions love affair is long documented and I think harmful. I asked the TU what their intent was, when they get back to me I will make any changes.