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Friday, January 20, 2012

Education Matters gives up on President Obama, will support Ron Paul instead

Now don’t be confused it’s not because Ron Paul’s education policies are any better than the disaster that Obama is peddling. Obama’s education policies come straight out of the republican playbook. Charter schools, high stakes standardized testing, ignore poverty and blame the teachers. Furthermore his signature education program, Race to the Top, turns education into a game with winners and losers. That means some of our childrne win and some of them lose. I expected more. I expected better. I expected an end to No Child Left Behind.

No the reason Education Matters has chosen to support Ron Paul despite the fact it disagrees with a lot of his other policies too, is at least he will end the war in Afghanistan. We saved the world from Tojo and Hitler in four years and we have been there for nearly eleven. Did we learn nothing from Vietnam or what the Russians went through?

If only our leaders would have paid better attention in school a lot of our problems would be solved.


  1. What about the Green Party? What about Jill Stein? PLEASE withdraw your support for Ron Paul - he is a dangerous candidate.

  2. One issue voters frighten me. Ron Paul is not only racist--which should make any voter stop dead in their tracks--but his economic policies abandon any notion of the public good and leave us all competing for our own resources. I am astonished that any person who cares about our democracy and the community we create would support this candidate.
    I write as someone who will not vote for Obama. Think Green. Think Occupy. But beware Ron Paul.

  3. More importantly, Ron Paul will eliminate the Department of Education, thereby freeing us from Race to the Bottom and All Children Left Behind and whatever other schemes Duncan and Company can come up with to siphon public money into private pockets at the expense of children and teachers.