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Monday, November 18, 2013

Arne Duncan insults teachers and parents everywhere.

Arne Duncan walked back his infamous “white suburban moms” comment earlier today chalking it up to him just being in artful

Speaking to CNN, Duncan said: "My wording, my phrasing, was a little clumsy and I apologize for that."

Mind you he’s not really apologizing for what he said, he’s apologizing for having not saying it better.

You know I get a little tired hearing about preparing all students to be globally competitive and the notion that all it will take to do so is higher standards. Common Core does absolutely nothing to address poverty.  Nothing and poverty not low standards is the number one problem facing our education system and the proof is out here. When controlled for poverty American students do well against international competition. Duncan and the other ed deformers ignore this fact and expect us to believe all it will take is higher standards to turn around schools in neighborhoods filled with poverty. As if they will somehow fill bellies, make kids feel safe and get parents involved.

Duncan went on to say, "I didn't say them perfectly, and I apologize for that," he added. "My point is that children from every demographic across this country need a well-rounded, world-class education and frankly we have challenges not just in our inner cities but in our suburban areas to and we need to have honest conversations about that."

Yes let’s have a conversation about a well rounded education for all our children and let’s start with the education he received at the Chicago Lab School. You know the education with expansive art options, smaller classes and that shied away from high stakes standardized tests. He’s not pushing for that type of education for the nation’s children. I wonder if he thinks the kids at exclusive prep schools need higher standards.

Duncan’s message is clear, if you are against common core you are either a nut job or against kids being successful in life. He ignores legitimate concerns like costs, doubling down on tests, it is untested, it’s one size fits all and the fact that it ignores poverty. Duncan who has never taught a day in his life can’t understand that more and more people are against Common Core because they do care about their and others children and not because they are against anything connected even remotely to Obama and the federal government.

Duncan insults parents and teachers everywhere and not just with his callous remarks but with his untested corporate policies too. 

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