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Friday, November 15, 2013

Commissioner Stewart congratulates Duval for raises they did not give.

The problem is teachers in Duval did not get a raise. Instead they got a onetime bonus which was about 20% less than what Scott sold to the people of Florida. The reason Duval's teachers received a bonus instead of a raise is the district was afraid the allocation would be a onetime thing and not reoccurring. Other districts have looked at it differently and give their teachers raises but Duval decided to play it safe.  

Just a little note, where grateful and every little bit helps, the bonus only makes up about a third of the money stolen  from teachers over the last 3 years.

Is Pam Stewart ignorant? Is she being disingenuous? In my opinion it wouldn’t be the first time for either.


  1. According to emails from the union, DCPS agreed to distribute the money as a "supplement" which will continue to be paid in future years if and only if the state provides the designated funding. (Yes, I know trusting the legislature for a recurrence is a foolish endeavor. But I can always keep a tiny light of hope alive.)

  2. Where you said "where" you meant "we're" right?

    Teachers didn't get $2500 because the DTU President said that all union members needed to get their fair share. She didn't get near what she wanted, but she did get payouts for employees other than teachers and that is why you only received $2090.

    Also, Gregory is right in that the agreement states that as long as the allocation is made every year by the legislature you will get it.

  3. Another good reason for giving a bonus, the district does not have to contribute to the retirement system on a bonus. So inreality, the teachers should received even more money. As a retired teacher, I can assure you that teacher retirement in Florida does not make you a rich person. I get less than 1/2 my salary for retirement, and out of that I purchase my own health insurance. That means Ilive on 1/3 of my retirement.