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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dysfunction on the Duval County School Board.

This probably can’t be good moving forward.

It’s been tradition that the vice chair take over for the chair for a while now so it was no surprise that Fred Lee nominated Becki Couch to be chairperson. It’s when it came time to select a vice chair that fireworks really flew.

Jason Fischer nominated district 5’s Connie Hall but she declined, way to go district 5, when you elect a part time board member you really elect a part time board member. This was followed by Paula Wright making an impassioned plea for the position. If you don’t remember she also lobbied to be the chair last year but only Hall supported her.

Unswayed Couch proceeded to nominate Ashley Smith “privatization” Juarez, Fischer then nominated Grymes and Lee nominated Wright, who I guess seeing the writing on the wall, Wright and remember this was just after a speech where she extolled her accomplishments, said “no thank you”.

The board then rebuffed its new chairperson and elected Grymes 5-2. Yes that’s right, the new chairs first official act failed and she did not get her hand picked second. 

The word dysfunction comes to mind.


  1. The day the city of Jacksonville revamps our city charter or bi-laws or what ever act of congress it would take to make the following changes will be the second happiest day of my life. Number one we should change the rules for election to our school board to only those persons that are certified teachers...... and not only certified teachers, but ones that have only received "highest marks" from the schools which they have taught in. Don't pass out, but I think we should only elect teachers with experience in teaching in the trenches of Duval County. And God Bless Dr Vitti for teaching me to include a test, LOL.........they should pass a test....not a reading or writing test or math or history test..... we should have every gray haired person we know, (of which I am) make up a test that would only be passable if they had common sense. And I mean more than come out of the rain common sense. If they are dumber than a bag of hammers, best we know it up front. We should only elect teachers that have been spit on, cussed out, and I mean like a sailor , none of this dang and darn stuff. We should only elect teachers that have had to work under the worst circumstances, those that have been pushed down, threatened and intimidated by students and there parents. Duval County urban high schools are at a real breaking point and our board and superintendent are worried about being politicians. The heck with the whole bunch of you..... I am ashamed of the job that our superintendent and board are doing. Go ask any teacher in an urban high school what there toughest job is every day..........honey, it aint even close to teaching, its trying to get them to sit down, stop talking and get in a seat.......because we have nothing to hold over there heads for there actions they run wild and act any way they want........ hey , let the thugs (male and female) have a threat of being put out of school for poor behavior, let the parents know there children cant beat up on teachers and get away with it or else there out. Education in our urban high schools DOES NOT stand a chance until we get somebody ON THE BOARD , THAT'S ON BOARD........... and lastly........we have wayyyyyyyy to many smart people right here in JVILLE to need to bring in an outsider to over test and under protect us.

  2. It's about time. Jacksonville does not need people running the district that have never had to deal with todays high school problems and have never even taught. I will one up you, if they have not been in the classroom within the last 5 years we don't even need them.