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Friday, November 8, 2013

Supporters of Common Core ignore our real problems

By Michael Weston via Facebook

Standards are not the problem in education. We keep spending money on the latest silver bullet while ignoring the real problems. Providing silver bullets is a very lucrative business these days. Perpetuating the myth of failing schools is the greatest marketing hoax thus far this century.

Factor out poverty level students and the US holds up most favorably to other nations. New standards, new tests and new curricula do nothing to ameliorate the real issue. Unfortunately, these "reforms" all lead to a narrowing of curriculum and the over reliance of high stakes testing. This contributes to a decline in the education experience of students in all economic brackets.

Dump common core and the billion$ it sends to the parasitic education industry. Provide students pathways to success; all students, not just those who are college bound.

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