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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Done Geatz, disingenuous about common core till the bitter end.

Just so we are straight I don’t believe Common Core is a plot for a federal takeover of schools, though it is pretty hard to ignore the federal government’s involvement.  Through race to the top grants given to desperately cash strapped districts at the height of the great recession, the federal government was able to trade local control for a few nickels as districts had to agree to up their standards and to what have become often odious and destructive teacher evaluation systems.

No, Common core is not a federal takeover of our schools, instead it is just the continuation of another disastrous federal initiative that states and districts felt they had to accept in order to keep afloat. Hmm, I may have to revisit my initial assertion.

All that being said I have a problem with Florida’s senate president Don Geatz statements about common core not being a takeover of education.  “You can’t dip them in milk and hold them over a candle and see the United Nations flag or Barack Obama’s face,” Gaetz said. “They’re not some federal conspiracy.” –

Sure but at the same time he thinks Obamacare is a federal takeover of health care and was instrumental in blocking some 700 thousand Floridians from getting health care. Geatz who by the way made his bones in for profit hospice care and sadly yes that does exist is the same person who is for merit pay, which has no evidence that says it works, and for charter schools, which has plenty of evidence that says they don’t and since that is the case why should we listen to anything he has to say, even when like a broke clock is occasionally right, he is right too.

Disingenuousness oozes from this guy.

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