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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Arne Duncan is not qualified to have his job.

From a reader,

Not only has Duncan never taught a day in his life, but he's never even attended a public school. As a child he went to the University of Chicago Lab School…and then to a private university (Harvard). He majored in Sociology (and basketball). His only experience with education is watching his mom tutor kids. Duncan isn't qualified for his office.

Would any president appoint a non-medical person to be the Surgeon General? or a non-attorney to be the Attorney General? Since the Department of Education was established during the Carter administration, Democrats and Republicans alike have appointed non-educators to the office. The only Secretary of Education who actually taught in a k-12 public school was Terrel Bell in Reagan's first term. 

That's the respect that politicians give to educators…it's insulting! 

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