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Monday, November 18, 2013

Jay Carney defends Arne Duncan’s anti-suburban mom remarks.

From CNN, The White House spokesman also defended Duncan, though Jay Carney said he had not seen all the comments.

"His point was that we need to be honest with kids and parents -- all can agree on that," Carney said on Monday.

First he didn’t see all the comments? Oy vey, then why comment on them? If he hasn’t seen them then how can he know what Arne was thinking?

Another problem is Arne isn’t having an honest conversation with kids and parents. He is selling common core as a savior when it is both untested and does absolutely nothing to address poverty. He regularly omits those two facts when talking about common core.

Arne isn’t interested at all in being honest with people and if the administration defends him then it  too isn't interested in honesty.

The truth is we do need to have an honest conversation but it should be about how we can replace this buffoon with somebody who knows what he is doing and who cares about public education.  

For shame Mr. Carney, for shame!

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