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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why did Bill Gates spend 170 million on Common Core?

Bill Gates can’t understand why he would pay a more experienced lawn man over some random person he picks up in front of the Ace Hardware with his truck. This post however is not about that.

It’s also not about his small school initiative which he spent tens of millions of dollars on and later abandoned or about his stack rating evaluations that backfired at Microsoft and that they just recently stopped using.  

And it’s not about him saying it will be a decade before we know if any of his education reforms will work which reduces kids and teachers to nothing but pawns in his mad experiments.

No this is about him spending 170 million dollars on common core.

It is truly maddening that despite the fact none of his ideas have worked and he admits it will be at least a  decade before we know if anything he has done ever will, he keeps throwing money at education , he must not be very bright. Or maybe he is brilliant.

One of the things slowing Florida down from completely implementing Common Core is the lack of band width and computers. Hmm computers, who have I heard of that has something to do with computers. Oh yeah that’s right, Bill Gates.

So is he some altruistic nincompoop who just can’t get it right or is he some heartless business who sees an opportunity?

It is my bet, the latter. 

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