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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More deception from the FLDOE!

Last spring’s charter school study quickly fell apart under scrutiny. Its chief problem among many was that more than a hundred charter schools were left out.

Then there is the infamous Chartrand rule, named so because it benefits a charter school that chair of the state board Gary Chartrand has close ties to, that prevents schools from dropping more than one letter grade. To be honest I think the state’s grading system is a travesty, simply shows where the poor kids live and is all about punishing instead of helping but at the same time I am against our government out and out lying to us too.

Now we come to common core. Opposition is growing daily but the Florida Department of education has a way to stem the tide. It’s going to change the name.

From Redefined Ed:  The new standards might also have a new name, said Joe Follick, a spokesman for the department. Given the input that the state has taken and the changes that are likely to be made, “it would be disingenuous to call them common core standards,” he said. 

Oy Vey, where do I begin? So our standards aren’t going to be common after all? What’s disingenuous is the state attempting to be deceptive. What’s disingenuous is people are selling common core as a cure all and nobody has an idea if it is going to work. What is disingenuous is the powers that be think siphoning millions out of the classroom is the best use of our limited resources.  

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