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Friday, November 15, 2013

Smaller classes are only a waste for public schools

Gary Chartrand, Jeb Bush and the staff from ReDefined Ed (Jebs blog) often call the class size amendment a waste of money when they aren’t ignoring it when talking about Florida’s education improvement. 

They don’t like to mention that Jeb and Gary both sent their children to schools that tout smaller classes. You see for the rich and privileged it is essential but for the great-unwashed masses it’s a waste. 

Well friends it turns out smaller classes was the third most important reason why parents send their kids to private schools barely behind discipline and environment.

Did the redefined ed bash the private schools for wasting resources? Did they say lets just give the best teachers 7 more students and that will make parents happy? No, not at all.

So remember friends when ed Reformers talk about changing schools they aren’t talking about changing them into the types of schools they would ever consider sending their kids too.  


  1. So true as private schools for the affluent class keep a ratio of 12:1 for students to teacher.

  2. One of my students commented on that this past week. He said he loved that he had such as small class last year, a class of 13 in an AP Lang class, and he is an exceptionally bright student. This year, his class is at 22, which is fine; however, even he feels the difference. I also find it funny that the more advanced classes seem to have less students. For the most part, those classes are filled with highly determined individuals. The reading classes for almost 2 months had 40-50 students. Don't even get me started on the electives...

  3. Electives......this is where Vitti is screwing himself the biggest. For example , AP art, AP Photography, AP Ceramics and on and on. Last year the class sizes were small enough that that the teachers had a real chance of teaching something and the students had a real chance of learning something. This year, the classes are so overcrowded , that passing a CGA or making any type of grade that would help the student or the schools grade will begin to go away. Watch this year as high school grades begin to decline and the district scratches its head like lice have landed. Hey what should we expect when we put folks in an environment to lead us that have never spent a day in a class room, never been assaulted by a student, never caught kids smoking pot in the back of a class, never caught kids having sex in the bathroom stalls, never had to call 911 to come because they have found a student that has been beaten and robbed..........We as a county should never elect a board member that has never been on the front line......even better, we should only elect teachers as board members . And only elect teachers that have taught in our district. We should require our superintendent to spend one day a week in a different high school every week until we run him out of town like we do all the rest of them. We as a city have done this to ourselves because we aint got no little kid to come along and say "HEY, THE KING AINT GOT NO CLOTHES ON" :-)))