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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Comparing KIPP impact to the other middle schools in the area. Methinks Vitti doth exaggerate.

All the info below was taken from the Jacksonville Public Education's Web-site.

I just compared KIPP to the non-magnet schools. It is safe to say that the results of those schools far out pace the results of KIPP and the other schools. I did so because the superintendent says KIPP is far outpacing the surrounding schools and is using that as a reason to push unprecedented expansion.

KIPP Impact, 355 kids, 71 percent free and reduced lunch
Reading 38, Math 52, Algebra EOC passing 88 percent

Mathew Gilbert, 472 kids, 84 percent free and reduced lunch
Reading 29, Math 36, Algebra EOC 92 percent

Highlands Middle School, 916 kids, 69% free and reduced lunch
Reading 31, Math 29, Algebra EOC passing 51 percent

Northwestern, 447 kids, 82 percent free and reduced lunch
25 reading, 34 math, 97 Algebra EOC passing 97 percent

Oceanway, 1224 kids, 47 percent free and reduced lunch
55 reading, 46 math, Algebra EOC passing 58 percent

Butler, 582 kids, 80 percent free and reduced lunch
23 reading, 30 math, Algebra EOC passing 80%

Jeff Davis, 1050 kids, 65 percent free and educed lunch
38 reading, 29 math, Algebra EOC passing 39 percent

Jeb Stuart, 850 kids, 71 percent free and reduced lunch
32 reading, 35 math, Algebra EOC passing rate 58 percent

Some things that are pretty obvious, hands down KIPP is doing better in math, Oceanway which because of where it is was I hesitated to include is fairly comparable but all of the other schools are lagging behind.

In Reading none of the schools are doing particularly well, except for Oceanway which has managed to get over fifty percent proficiency.

It's really impossible to tell who is doing best with the algebra EOC unless I could know how many kids were taking the test. I could probably find that out on the FLDOE site but I am an unpaid blogger so I am going to call it a wash.

The percentage of kids on free and reduced lunch was greater at two of the public schools Butler and Gilbert but then comparable with all the others except with, you guessed it Oceanway.

I then compared the student teacher ratios at a couple of the schools (the second number is admins and such figured in) with the KIPP school.
KIPP Impact, 28 teachers and 3 admins on their web-site (12.678/11.45 ratio)
Mathew Gilbert, 27 teachers. 9 admins, guidance counselors and coaches (17.48/13.11 ratio)
Northwestern, 28 teachers, 8 admins, guidance counselors and coaches (15.96/12.41)
And as you can see the KIPP school has significantly smaller class sizes.

Finally the KIPP impact school has fewer students than all the other schools and likely benefits from a selection bias and the fact that smaller groups have less variability.

So let me ask you a question, if a school has smaller classes, more resources and can require parents to be involved then is it really fair to compare it to other schools that don't have those same advantages. I imagine that's as fair as comparing the former to the entire district and if we were to do that then the KIPP school is greatly under performing.

The super is pushing the expansion of KIPP and I have to say the evidence for him doing so is flimsy at best.

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