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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jacksonville University’s Public Policy institute influenced by privatizers.

The education Public Policy forum at JU was so absolutely one sided it truly is stunning. That is until you do a little digging. It seems Gary Chartrand is a member of its advisory committee. Now Mr. Chartrand is a very successful businessman, so if the policy forum was about Grocery Store policy I wouldn’t have problem one, but it’s not, it’s about education a subject despite his position as chair of the state board of education he is woefully unqualified.

Though now we get a clearer picture as to why the forum is so one sided especially when we also consider the money Chartrand gave to Rick Mullaney’s, the director of the Public Policy, 2010 mayoral campaign, or the money he has given to JU. (Note: I have asked both Tim Cost and Rick Mullaney how much money Chartrand has donated and they have yet to get back to me). 

Money not what is right or what is best is driving public policy at Jacksonville University.

You are probably thinking, just like I am Chartrand is entitled to his opinion but the difference is mine is formed after spending years in the classroom and talking to countless teachers and parents while his is founded by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, most of who never taught but the truly despicable thing is he is drowning out all the other opinions by liberally spreading around cash.

He has influenced WJCT’s education coverage, JU’s public policy department and helped six of seven school board members get elected and the seventh he tried to have defeated.

If this is the type of thing we can expect from JU its time to lower our expectations and increase our outrge.

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