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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The curious case of KIPP impact trying to deceive the people of Jacksonville

If you go to the local KIPP page and click the our schools page, they have a results tab. If you click that you quickly find out that the KIPP impact school according to the VAM ratings is the second best middle school in the city. Amazing if I had kids I would be sending them there.

Um, wait a minute VAM ratings? VAM stands for value added measure and the Department of education says they are inaccurate for teachers more than a third of the time. Hmm but they have to be better when measuring an entire school don't they? Oy vey.

So the KIPP impact school has used a dubious metric to indicate their success and it would end right there except the national KIPP organization is a little more honest than the local KIPP school, not surprising because the local KIPP school is affiliated with Gary Chartrand who often plays fast and lose with the truth.

If you go to the national KIPP page it will eventually lead you to a results by city page.

Then if you click on the Jax KIPP school results page you get a very different picture

You can plainly see that when compared with the district the local KIPP results are pretty bad. They are under performing and the national organization uses reading, math and science scores, not some dubious/junk science metric..

Now some of you might be saying it is unfair to compare them to the entire district  and they should be compared just to the schools closest to them because these schools serve similar demographics. Which would be fair except the KIPP school spends about a third more in money, requires parents to be involved and may or may not be counseling out poor performers. I don't know but I do know 30 percent of their first class didn't finish.

Once again I submit if any neighboring school had those advantages their results would be much better than KIPPs

This however is about them being deceptive. Go to the local KIPP school page and they are the second best in the city but go to the national KIPP page and they are are under performing. 

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