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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gary Chartrand donates to homeless shelter and demands all meals be vegan!

Do I have your attention? I hope so.

Mr. Chartrand after city budget cuts to the Clara White mission, I guess all those First Baptist Church city council members missed the help thy neighbor sermons, stepped up and has pledged fifty thousand dollars a year for the next five years. Pretty awesome right. He had the means, saw a need and filled it but you know what he didn't do?

He didn't start a public policy group to steer homeless policy.

He didn't try to have the leaders of Clara White replaced with people who have his same thoughts on homeless people that he does.

He isn't trying to out source homeless shelter services to substandard for profit options.

He isn't trying to replace the professional staff at Clara White with people who think hey I will give that a try for a couple weeks.

He hasn't bought a college of social work or a news service to influence opinion on homelessness either.

And as far as I know the meals don't have to be Vegan.

Chartrand a grocer by trade probably realizes he doesn't know all the ends and outs or has the background or experience needed to make a difference but he does have the money that could help.

If only he would take the same way of doing things with education. We need the cities elites to help out but we don't need the cities elites to take over.

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