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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Has Gary Chartrand bought off JU too?

I am just going to get right to it.

JU is having an education public policy forum this Wednesday that is very pro-Chartrand, he and his surrogates are the panelists, presenting their corporate styles of reforms. No other voices are represented.

Richard A. Mullaney, lawyer and former mayoral candidate is in charge. As a candidate in 2010 Mullaney received a thousand dollars from Chartrand and his wife, more from their friends. A pittance I admit.

But it made me think maybe Chartrand was pulling a Koch brothers and paying off JU to sell his ideas.

So I asked Mullaney and the president of JU through an e-mail if Gary Chartrand has donated to JU to which I have yet to receive an answer. I asked President Cost on First Coast Connect the same question which he again side stepped.

If the answer is not a simple no then it has to be yes doesn't it?

Gary Chartrand is shaping education policy not based on evidence and fact but based on greasing wheels. He did the same thing at WJCT who gave him a freaking award and protects or avoid pieces that might have a dissenting view like I avoid doing the dishes.

Don't we deserve an honest debate? Don't all voices deserve to be heard?  The people Gary Chartrand has payed off seem to disagree.

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