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Monday, November 17, 2014

Reviewing the JPEF's webinar on school choice.

JPEF has been involved for five years the amount of charter schools has increased 344% in five years. The JPEF board is supporting about a half dozen of them.

When talking about public school choice they include private schools as an option.

They say they made their recommendations after talking to 1000 parents, or basically a sample size of about one half of one percent. I suspect they came up with most of their recommendations after Gary Chatrand read a pamphlet and said, that’s a good idea.

They admitted charters select parents. They said some parents loved the fact they are required to be involved a certain amount of time or required to do a certain amount of things. Unfortunately that means families that can’t be as involved or have time constraints, you know less desirable, are basically counseled out.

they talked about supporting choice as long as it was on equal footing, well how are charters and vouchers that can put requirements on parents on an equal footing with public schools that can't? 

Despite public schools being better they think it would be best if people went in without any preconceived notions.

The brief wasn’t designed to tell what choice options are better. Um, why not, isn’t that really the top question we want answered? Furthermore if we don't answer it aren't we steering at least some kids into sub-standard options

Finally they mentioned how school choice in the district had exploded and wasn't going anywhere. That however doesn't mean its a good thing. Choice for the sake of choice is a bad choice.

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