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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Incoming senate president Andy Gardiner says, my education ideas are kind of just made up.

Public education is in for a long four years. I wonder what will emerge or if anything will. at all

From ReDefined Ed: State Sen. Andy Gardiner told a gathering of educators and tech industry representatives that his view of education is informed by his experience as a parent of three homeschool children.

Um, that would mean he has zero public education experience even as a parent. I doubt he lived on a deserted Island which made attendance possible which means he thought, there was no way he was going to let his children go to a gov'ment skool! 

He went on to say: One of the biggest challenges home education parents face is gaining access to a quality curriculum, the Orlando Republican said. Parents should be able to download an app that lets them browse information about local schools — including their curriculum, what they teach and how.

“As a parent, I can decide that’s the best place for my child to be, or if I’m going to choose to homeschool, I can use that curriculum to provide for my child,” he said.

Perhaps home schooled children face problems gaining access to a quality curriculum because their parents are home schooling them! 

Oy vey!

Public education is in for a long four years. I wonder what will emerge or if anything will.


  1. I will admit my children are in private school due to my lack of trust in the public school system based on my own experiences. However, I worry about friends who have gone the homeschool route. My thoughts are along the line of "You barely graduated from High School, you have NO teaching credentials, and even though you are my friend, I think you are an idiot!" However, I'm too polite to tell them this and it's only when our children are together and they realize that mine are better socialized, are extremely literate and think there is a problem with a 3rd grader who still prints in ALL CAPS (some of which are backwards) that they even consider the possibility that they may have made a mistake, but they persist!

  2. Chris, you have to use a better qualifier; " Public education is in for a LONG, DARK four years. There will not be emergence; there will be decadence. So he is one of the POWERFUL LEGISLATURES that shape our PUBLIC EDUCATION but his 3 children are Home-Skoooooooled? Well I'll be dogged! Wow! Bow, Wow, Wow! "One of the biggest challenges home education parents face is gaining access to a quality curriculum, the Orlando Republican said.". Wow! Heil Hitler!