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Sunday, November 2, 2014

WJCT takes 30 pieces of silver, protects the KIPP school, Chartrands donation has paid off

I was very disappointed reading Rhema Thomson's piece on the district applying for a grant for KIPP expansion. It not only left out important information but it gave in my opinion erroneous information.

From WJCT: Since opening in 2010, KIPP Impact Middle School has received an F in 2011, a B in 2012, and a C in 2013. This year, the school received another B. School grades for KIPP Voice, which opened in 2012, are not yet available. According to the state department of education, it must have two years-worth of testing data in order to generate a school grade.

I guess technically correct but I believe she should have mentioned how the states one letter grade rule protected its C from dropping to a D. A rule Gary Chartrand played a hand in creating.

But worse, there was no mention of the extra resources and advantages that the KIPP school has. Longer days, more teachers, more money, and requiring parents to be involved are all serious advantages that didn't get a mention once. If you were to read the piece you would think they were just better than public schools and nothing is further from the truth.

What also wasn't mentioned was Gary Chartrand's affiliation with the department of education, who is providing the grant, the KIPP school who he brought to town and who will be getting the grant, applied for by a school board he has given thousands and thousands of dollars to and WJCT whose education coverage he partly funds.

With reporting like this, and with the taking money from an agenda driven millionaire how can we take any future reporting by them seriously going forward.  

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