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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Times Union lets down the city again!

When talking about a recent public education forum at Jacksonville University, the Times Union editor wrote:  This shared sense of accountability must be sustained and nurtured for the sake of school children.

Pretty powerful words. However what the editor didn’t write and failed to mention was not one person who had ever taught a day in a Duval County Public school class room spoke or was asked to attend. Once again actual educators were left out of the loop. Charter school and voucher proponents however were well represented.

But think about the word accountability and apply it to the states voucher program that takes hundreds of millions out of the state’s coffers.  The teachers don’t have to be certified, the schools don’t have to have recognized curriculums, the vast majority don’t have to do any financial reporting detailing how the money sent to them is spent, finally there is no test given to them that grades their teacher, students and schools.

Where is the accountability the editor writes so eloquently about? Why is it only a necessity for public schools but not for private schools that take vouchers?

The editor was too busy patting the back of the conference that excluded teachers and most parents (it took place at 8:00 on aWednesday) to consider that or like most of the attendees they just didn’t care.

The Times Union has really hurt and set our schools back.

1 comment:

  1. It shows that America is rapidly moving toward the Plantocracy - "government or political system that consists of a small, moneyed ruling class overseeing a large population of servants, slaves, or serfs; descriptive of any period of slavery and indentureship, particularly that of the early American South".

    As regards that petty-minded editor, I don't care to scold him or her; in every society there will always be personalities of low decorum who, lacking in Christlike values, will readily SELL OUT a VIRTUOUS CAUSE of the common people for a FEW PIECES of SILVER. Yes Chris, "Pretty powerful words" from a petty-minded underling.

    The hurt and setback of our public schools started about one decade ago and this situation will continue to get worse, until the common people come to the realization that a great evil has come upon us. Then they will begin to agitate when the task is almost insurmountable because the Plantocracy will have already been entrenched.