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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Eval came in and I went from being an art teacher to being a reading teacher.

Vam scores

Teacher's evaluation are being released which is probably sending hundreds if not thousands into a tizzy but let me tell you my story.

I am the art teacher at my school and I got forty percent of my eval from my principal, 10 percent from my IPDY (everybody in the district was maxed out), but my and every other art teacher's student scores come from the average of the district's reading teacher scores, yep you read that right. Students I didn't teach in a subject I don't either.

The way I see it, it is virtually impossible for any art teacher to get high performing, now I am satisfied with my effective but the problem is eval's now have pay ramifications with highly effectives about to make an undetermined amount more than effectives. I guarantee you there are art teachers and probably others losing their well you know right about now.

This is my thing, if they are going to base pay on how students do can they at least be my students in a subject I actually teach? 

Also how many other teachers evals are being based on students or subjects they don't teach?

My bet is a lot.

Welcome to Florida, it gets a little nuttier everyday.


  1. As a guidance counselor my VAM score is based on my students FCAT scores. Since I'm in high school, my students are in grades 9-12. For the vast majority of my students, they passed FCAT in 10th grade which means my VAM is based on scores for only half of my students. It's virtually impossible for me to be highly effective

  2. Exactly ^^...base your pay on the performance of a statistically skewed population who historically struggle and under-perform for a multitude of reasons, none of which you have any control.

    It's the new way to justify paying teachers less, and why not....I'm sure the end-game is to move to an online format. Charter schools are just a way to cash out at the end.